Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As it Turns Out, Women CAN Run

I've rambled before about my love/HATE relationship with running. I've quite enjoyed not running for basically a couple of years now, but my friend Hayden talked me into going to this running clinic last night.

Can I just say that I'm practically in agony today?

OK, maybe not agony, but I'm awfully sore. And that's pretty pitiful considering how little actual running we did last night. For instance, why are my arms sore?

To add insult to injury, we've also signed up to get our body mass/fat/whatever stuff calculated tonight. We'll have it calculated again at the end of the 10 week clinic to see how it has changed. I fear they will whisk me off to the hospital on a stretcher when they see what percentage of my body is fat--I'm probably in some kind of serious risk group.

If I get finished with that in time, I'm going to go to yoga class tonight. I stuck a bottle nail polish in my gym bag just in case.

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