Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pet Parenting News

First of all, I am sad to report that there has been a fish fatality at Kevin's house. Pregnant fish #2 has gone on to that big aquarium in the sky. Cause of death: unknown. Unfortunately, her comrades ate the majority of her body. They're disgusting creatures, really.

In other pet parenting news, I saw this article on today.

Snake Eats Family Dog as Kids Watch

"It actively stalked the dog for a number of days," Douglas said.

"The family that owned the dog had actually seen it in the dog's bed, which was a sign it was out to get it," he added.

"They should have called me then, but (the snake) got away and three or four days later, I was called and went around and removed it" after the dog had been killed, Douglas said.

What kind of crappy pet parents notice a huge freakin' python stalking their dog and hanging out in their dog's bed and don't...I don't know...keep an eye on the dog? Call some sort of snake wrangling authorities? Move to another country?

Did they think the snake was trying to make friends with the dog? Maybe they just didn't like their dog that much. They're going to have to spend a fortune on therapy for their kids.

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Sparkling Cipher said...

That snake story is really disturbing. There is no way a snake would be allowed near my small dog.