Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thirteen Oddities (TT # 35)

I've been a very unfaithful Thursday Thirteen participant as of late. Sometimes I just lack the inspiration. Fortunately, I was just inspired by a text message I received.

Thirteen potentially odd or ridiculous things.

1. I just got a text message that said, simply, "Uracil!!!!" It's fairly incredible that somehow I've ended up with a boyfriend that sends me text messages about random genetics-related keywords.

In case you've never heard of Uracil, here's a little information about it. It's perhaps the step-child of RNA and DNA discussions. Sure, people harp on about Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, cytosine, but does anyone ever mention Uracil? Not nearly enough! Where would Thymine be without Uracil?

Found in RNA, it base pairs with adenine and is replaced by thymine in DNA. Methylation of uracil produces thymine.[4] It turns into thymine to protect the DNA and to improve the efficiency of DNA replication. Uracil can base pair with any of the bases depending on how the molecule arranges itself on the helix, but readily pairs with adenine because the methyl group is repelled into a fixed position.[4] As stated, uracil pairs with adenine through hydrogen bonding. Uracil is the hydrogen bond acceptor and can form two hydrogen bonds. Uracil can also bind with a ribose sugar to form a ribonucleoside, uridine. When a phosphate attaches to uridine, uridine 5'-monophosphate is produced.[3]

And this ends our science lesson for today. Thanks for playing. And thank YOU, Brother Brown for teaching me this stuff in college. Too bad I gave up on my pre-med classes in favor of a life of corporate drudgery. Sucks to be me.

2. I also have a text message that simply states, "Dig 'em!" and features a picture of a box of Honey Smacks Cereal.

3. I think I might be in love with my new rotary cutter. Maybe it's just infatuation, but I think it's a love that can least until the blade gets dull and/or I cut one of my fingers off.

4. I'm sitting at work listening to some music on Windows Media Player. It's playing in alphabetical order based on Artist's name. So I just went from listening to Etta James (At laaaaaast, my looooooooove has come along...) to Evanesecence (You never call me when you're soberrrrrrr, you only want it 'cause it's overrrrrrrrrrr.)--that's probably a pretty odd combination of music. Especially back to back.

5. I've started unclogging my drains with vinegar and baking soda. The volcano-like chemical reaction goes a long way toward making drain unclogging entertaining. Plus, there are no harmful fumes. But mostly the volcano-like chemical reaction is what draws me in.

6. I have a treadmill at my house, but instead of using it, I ran on a treadmill at the gym last night. I did not take into account my irrational fear of falling off the treadmill and crashing into a row of stationary bikes. It's never happened to me (knock on wood), but can you just imagine the humiliation?

7. My dog has taken to waking me up in the mornings by pulling the covers off me. She's relentless about it and it's really uncalled for.

8. I ate cold shells and cheese for breakfast this morning. It should be an official breakfast food. But only COLD shells and cheese.

9. I've gotten so used to having migraines that I keep a huge bottle of Excedrin Migraine in my purse. Sometimes the "child-proof" lid comes off and I end up with hundreds of little caplets in the bottom of my purse. That does nothing to soothe my migraines.

10. I posted recently about seeing a pimp at the horse races and wanting to take his picture. Just days afterward, my dear friend Jerry posted a picture of a similar pimp at the same horse racing venue. Do "nice" fur coats have zippers? Just wondering since I don't (usually) wear animals that can't be fashioned into footwear or belts.

11. My devilish dog has almost pulled one of the gutters off the back of my house. Why would she do that? Because she's possessed! TheBoy wants to electrify the gutters to deter her. He might be a little possessed too.

12. I have over five pounds of flax seeds in my freezer.

13. I just realized today that this year is a leap year. For some reason, that's very exciting to me.

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Kevin said...

Personally, I think you should gank Jerry's P1mpP1c and post it for your publics. You've already credited her with it, so let's see the goods ! It's so very colorful...

Noelle said...

Hi, cool list!! There are times that I lack the inspiration to do TT too, so, sometimes you just have to skip it. I try to be pretty faithfull, but sometimes it's hard. I did a TT too, it's here:

It's All Good! said...

Hi, that was fun reading! Especially #11...electrifying the gutters! I guess I think like your husband. Have a great day!

pussreboots said...

#9 has happened to me for the same reason except that it's Motrin in my purse. Happy TT.

Suzanne said...

I, too, love the 'electrify the gutters' idea. Further proof that I'm just a little bit left of center. :)

Great list!

You had asked if I read the authors' other books in my TT list today. I tried to find a way to email you back, but couldn't so I'll have to ask here: Were you speaking of a particular author from the list? Email me at suzannesays [at] :)

Vashonnte said...

I love your list! so funny! now I really want to try #5 sounds like fun! Happy TT I did one too its here

The Gal Herself said...

#10 made me smile. When you get to the bottom of the fur coat/zipper question, please let us know! Thanks for visiting my TT.

Nissa said...

Great list! I,too keep a large bottle of either excedrin for migraines in my purse or a pack of BC powders. It's much easier to deal with spilt pills than powder! :)
Happy T13!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I can't run, so I've never had that same treadmill anxiety.

But now that I've got my bike up on a trainer, I understand why you'd rather use the treadmill at the gym than at home. Working out at home is boring!

Eve said...

I have to disagree with you. I have been eating various types of left-over pasta for breakfast for 50 years or so. It definitely needs to be warmed up. Great post, and thanks for visiting.

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

I just realized that today was leap year too. Go figure?