Friday, March 05, 2010

Laugh of the Day

My mom called me when I was driving home from work today and told me this story. I started laughing so hard that my whole face was wet from tears.

My niece had been to visit them today and one of the girls she works with has a sister that this happened to.

The lady has a son who is retarded to some extent, but it's not so severe that he can't stay at home by himself. He has a habit of finding little animals and keeping them for a day or two and then releasing them.

Son (calls mom at work): I caught a troll.
Mom: What?
Son: I caught a troll.
Mom: Where is it?
Son: I locked it up in the closet.

The mom tells her coworkers that she thinks she needs to go home to figure out what he's talking about (figuring that he's caught some wild animal and locked it in his closet). When she gets there, the house is all in disarray. There are pictures knocked over and it's a mess.

Mom: What happened here?!
Son: I caught a troll.
Mom: Where is this troll?
Son: It's in my bedroom closet.

The mom walks into the son's room and he's got a chair under the doorknob of his closet to keep the door from opening. Imagine her surprise when she opened the closet door and found a "little person" inside! Apparently the unfortunate dwarf had been going door to door selling something and when the son answered the door, he "caught" him and wrestled him into the closet (thus the sign of a struggle all over the house).

She said she guesses she won't be able to leave him home by himself again!


Amanda said...

I'm always skeptical when I hear other people claim something is that funny, but I must tell you, I wiped tears from my cheeks. Thanks for sharing that story.

Mandy B said...

Oh my gosh! Hilarious.

Pamela said...

is this for real?
I'm speechless! oh my.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha ha

Pamela said...

the closet door would have to open in???

Lainy said...

That's funny because soemone at ork told me this same story a couple months ago and she said it was sent to her via email. lol true or not, it's still hilarious!