Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New Furniture Haiku

I'm sorry, dead cow.
I needed new furniture.
You are so cozy.

I finally ordered some "grown up" furniture today (as in living room furniture that actually matches and is comfortable!). I've finally kind of gotten Mercy out of the habit of lying on the couch, so hopefully the new furniture can stay dog free (I realize that this is wishful thinking). Sadly, cows were harmed in the making of this furniture, but I expect it to last forever, so I shouldn't have to indirectly kill cows again anytime soon.

So on a related note, does anybody know anyone local who could use my old couch? It's a hide-a-bed and it's in good condition. It just needs to be cleaned. No stains or anything, but it would look better if it was cleaned. My new stuff probably won't be in for another 8 weeks, so it could be awhile before I get rid of my current couch, but it's definitely gotta go when the new stuff comes.


Pamela said...

mine is dead, too. but I just love my leather.

Pamela said...

(ps. did you try craiglist? we got rid of stuff fast on it)