Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Other Boyfriend is Bronze-Plated

I smooched him right in front of his wife too. I'm the worst kind of hussy--a shameless one. It always makes him smile though.

Went to Tunes this past weekend (which might be obvious to some of you). At times, I was uncertain whether the hosts and hostesses were singing or if there was a burlap sack of cats fighting somewhere on the stage. But it was still entertaining.

Going there always makes me miss my girls though. So if you're one of the aforementioned girls, I love you and miss you! If there was a statue of you, I'd kiss it too.


Magical Liopleurodon said...

If only there were a statue of me

Anonymous said...

I think you got off lucky. His wife looks pretty tough.

Pamela said...

a pasted on smile... I wouldn't trust him.