Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Been Properly Chastised...

for eschewing blogging with such a firm hand. I know. I can't help it. I actually do have a blog entry for you, but I think Hayden will need to e-mail me a picture first (hint, hint). :)

I was a baking madwoman yesterday. I made chunky pecan pie bars and some brownies. I felt very accomplished and Martha Stewart-ish. Hopefully they won't taste like garbage because I have to take them to Bible study tonight.

I went to orientation yesterday at the church I've been visiting. I felt kind of bad for the guy leading it because he's not the guy who normally leads it and at the end, I started asking a lot of theological questions in a rapid-fire manner. He fielded them well and didn't fire back anything that I disagreed with--a feat unsurpassed by many until now, so that was good. There's no formal membership there, so I guess I'm a member if I say I am. And I guess that means I have to ask for an "erasure" from my old church. I wonder how I'm supposed to go about that... I've never been "erased" before. It feels very sci-fi, actually. I hope I don't, you know, cease to exist or something.

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