Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maybe I Spend Too Much Time at Sonic

But have y'all noticed that they have their own radio station? I guess I always thought that they just had some kind of special Sonic-themed CD going all the time, but the other day when I was waiting on my food, a DJ came on and said you could call in your requests. Here's an article about it.

So if you're ever at a Sonic Drive In waiting for your extra long cheese coney, turn down Delilah and tune into their rockin' radio station. In no time, you'll be thinking of excuses to go to Sonic just so you can listen to their radio station and hear all of the requests and dedications people have phoned in from their fast-food-littered cars.

I eat there so much, I think I'm bonding with one of the DJs.

Not really, but I do eat there so much that the thought of eating anything from there makes me want to hurl. If only it wasn't so CONVENIENT to eat there.

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Kevin said...

As a franchise owner, you *know* you picked the right location when your customers say they eat there so much that they hate it, but they continue to eat there because it's convenient.