Monday, October 01, 2007

I didn't know I had one of these...

I'm not entirely sure of what a Boom-Boom room is, but it doesn't sound like something I should be advertising at work.

I have very little to say.

I mowed my 8 ft. tall grass this weekend. It was terrifying. Huge spiders crawled out carrying egg sacs on their backs. At one point, I rounded the corner and something poked my ankle. I jumped up and down, squealed like a girl, and did a little dance until I looked down and saw I hadn't been spider (or snake) bitten, a "stalk" of grass had merely poked me. Thank goodness for privacy fences. Terrifying (my fit throwing and the spiders).

The good news is, I didn't see any active fire ant hills when I mowed. I think they couldn't find their way around in the tall grass, so they relocated.

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elaine said...

LMAO! I didnt know you had a Boom-Boom room either! Can i work for you O.O jk.
The spiders here have been HORRIFIC! A monstrous one was making a web in between the 2 trees at the house every night. And a few days ago, when Josh and I went for a walk, we found a JINORMOUS brown iscky spider with this huge blue egg sack. Josh and I both screamed like litle girls and ran away. Then I had a fit that night b/c my hair fell onto my face while I was sleeping and I thought a spider was crawling on my face. Trace thought I was having a seizure.