Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Message to the Razorbacks

(With the following exceptions: McFadden, Jones, and possibly Hillis)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, did you hear the goofy commentators?

Commentator: (after one of the exceptions listed above ran the football and knocked someone out of the way in the process) "He said, 'Talk to the hand because the feet ain't listening!'"

Commentator: (at the end of the game) "This team isn't cubic zirconia, it's 14 karat! They're the real deal!" (This obviously wasn't a reference to the piggies.)

Do they let the commentators drink on the job?


Zoo trip was fun. Endured bite on the finger by overzealous sheep. Was my fault for putting my finger in said sheep's mouth. Witnessed an unprecedented number of rats roaming around. Am pretty sure they aren't part of the zoo exhibits. Saw bunny in the chimp or gorilla area. Wondered how he got in there and what happened to all the freakin' "great apes". Didn't see so much as a hint of one.

Witnessed an overwhelming number of bears "relieving" themselves. White trash mommy walked up as one was doing his thing and said, "Well, at least he keeps a clean ass!"



jiM said...

this may make you smile..

Mo said...

consider yourself tagged!!