Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guess Where I'm Going Tomorrow!

That video should help you guess.

I try to go every September so I can wild release animal books for the "You're Such an Animal" challenge at
Plus, I just like going to the zoo. It's still a novelty to me that there's one so nearby--even if it isn't the biggest or least smelly zoo in the world. Even if I do try to spring the elephants from their enclosure every time I go (it's so small, but they're supposed to be building a new one). Get your bail money ready.


Mandy said...

Oooh, fun. I've been wanting to go again--it's been years.

Mercy's Maid said...

Take tomorrow off and come with!

Toebee's Fumes said...

My guess is the ZOO! I know I may be a bit off on my guess but I think it is a good guess anyways.

That was a tough one, phew!