Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being True to the Name of this Blog

This is a random smattering of thoughts.

Does my HSA cover the cost of Lasik? I mean, I'm pretty sure that any money I spend on Lasik won't go toward my deductible, but is it OK (tax-wise) to use the money in my HSA to have my eyeballs surgeried? It should be if it's not. I'm going to check into it. I hate my eyeballs a little bit. Maybe that's an ugly thing to say about one's own eyeballs, but there you have it. I hate my glasses. I hate my contacts. I hate my constant migraines. Raaaaaaar! (That's me growling.)

I'm really enjoying the Daniel bible study I've been going to. I'm learning a lot about the history of what was going on in that time (biblical and extra-biblical) and that's interesting. You know, I never really "got" the Tower of Babel thing. I think when I was taught that story as a little kid in Sunday school, somehow I thought they meant that the Babylonians were building the tower so they could get to God. I just thought they wanted to be close to God. I didn't get why God smited them for it. Turns out, that's not what happened at all. God had told them to scatter (I think...I need to go back and re-read my notes and find the Bible reference)* and they decided to build this tower and make a name for themselves so they wouldn't scatter. Then God said, "Um, I don't THINK SO!"

Anyway, the study is focused on the Babylonian mindset (opulence, selfishness, appearance is everything, wealth, entitlement, etc.) and how our own society is so much like Babylon. In the promo video, Beth Moore says, "I'm pretty sure that when my grandmother went through the check out line at the grocery store, she didn't look at the pictures on the magazines and think, 'Oh! I need to look like that!'" But our society bombards us with images of how we're supposed to be and somehow, we let it sink into our brains (in differing degrees). Most of it is totally unattainable. So that's what part of the study is about--how to know what we're really supposed to be like without being influenced by all the crazy crap that's out there.

The other part of the study is the study of the prophecy and eschatology in the book of Daniel. It's cool to see how the prophecies that were made a gazillion years ago have been fulfilled.

I'm not a history person, so I'm trying to take good notes and learn new stuff. I've met a few people in the group too and nobody's hit me. So I guess they're all nice. Too bad I can't remember anyone's name.

*OK, I can't find the reference I was looking for, so I might be confused.


Jim said...

which Daniel Bible study are you doing? Is it Beth Moore?

Mercy's Maid said...


jasonandjennyt said...

Glad you're liking your new study. I'm there with you about eyeballs. I've been contemplating lasik too...I might just go in for a free consultation.

Toebee's Fumes said...

I agree on the i-balls. I am scheduled for lasik in November. I sweat too much to wear contacts/ glasses regularly.

My wife has done Beth Moore studies before. She really enjoys then as well.

Chris Kata said...

Although I've not been to a bible study I've been reading a 1 Year bible. It's a new format to me and I am finding it very useful as you can easily read one chapter per day.

Regarding your eye surgery costs, EyeQ Laser offers Lasik Financing. Not sure if you are near to them but perhaps other clinics near you offer the same!

If you want to know more about the One Year bible let me know.

Mercy's Maid said...

I found out that I can use my HSA money to pay for Lasik, but I've pretty much drained that account to pay for PT this year, so I might look into it next year sometime.

I'll have to see what the financing options are.

Dani said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about lasic too - but that's as far as I'll ever get to it " just THINKING," b/c we can't afford it. I have horrible astigmatism, every year, the doc says, "gee, I'm not sure we will be able to find a contact that can handle your Rx" - Not the type of comments one likes to hear from their eye doc. ha! So far, there is ONE brand of contacts out there that can STILL handle my RX :) I guess when i have no more options, I'll REALLY have to think about lasics, b/c my glasses give me terrible headaches.