Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anonymous Donations

Some of you know I run an OBCZ at a local coffee shop. Others of you have no idea what that means, so for your benefit, here's the definition from

Q: Then what is an OBCZ or OCZ?
A: This is an Official BookCrossing Zone. A BC member, with the permission of the location manager, sets up a box, shelf, corner, etc. to become a centralized location for exchanging books.

You can print out and display a poster, or buy window clingies and OBCZ kits from the Supply Store. You may have to keep it stocked at first, but after awhile, people will catch on and start taking from the OBCZ and leaving their own books.

There is a very complete OBCZ Primer, created by member bookczuk, and a Forum for OBCZ Managers. Plus, member Netstation created a World Wide BookCrossing OBCZ Finder to help you find an OBCZ near you, wherever you are!

Anyway, from time to time, I get donations from people in the community. It's always fun to walk in and see that the donation box actually has stuff in it. Yesterday, I went in to restock and check on things and the box was overflowing with stuff. Here's a summary of my thoughts:

Ooh, books in the donation box.

I want to touch them.



Is that?

Surely it isn't.

But it is.

Are you serious?

Someone donated their college yearbook from 1984?

Did they think that if *they* didn't even want their 1984 college yearbook, someone else would?

How odd.

What the crap am I supposed to do with this?

Any suggestions?


Toebee's Fumes said...

Sweet, way too funny!

Someone might want to find an old classmate and then stalk them from it as those old memories come flooding back. So keep it out for people to enjoy.

Just kidding about the stalking part, even though these days I would not put it past someone.

Pamela said...

somebody's EX donated the year book. To be mean and nasty.

Mindy Withrow said...

I didn't even buy my own yearbook!

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for commenting on my recent review of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman. Always great to meet another reader!

Dani said...

Y should list the old yearbook on ebay, and see if anybody from that school/year may want to get it... maybe b/c they lost their, maybe because they never got one in the 1st place... who knows?! Maybe that school's library could use it for their archives?!
I donno...
DW :-P