Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Really Thursday? (TT #16)

I can't believe it's Thursday. I mean, just now I was looking at my blogline feeds and noticed several people doing Thursday 13's...and my tiny-overworked-brain thought, "Why the heck are they doing this on Wednesday?" Then reality kicked in and I remembered what today is! should come as no surprise that I have no REAL Thursday 13. I'll try to supplement by coming up with 13 funny memories to amuse and entertain you. This might be harder than it seems. I don't remember much about huge chunks of my life. Don't expect them to be in any particular order either!

1. When I was in elementary school...probably 4th or 5th grade, I was accustomed to my aunt picking me up from school. She would always park on the street down from the school and I knew where to look for her. She had cancer, so she was gone for long periods of time (out of state) for cancer treatments. During her absence, another aunt would pick me up. One time, while Aunt #1 was away, I walked over to the regular spot after school, and her car was parked there. I was so excited because I thought she had come home early and was picking me up. So excited was I, that I didn't really look at the person in the car and was confused about why the doors were locked. It wasn't my aunt's car. It was a total stranger.

2. Another time in elementary school (this was 5th grade), I got the bright idea to try to "curl" my hair with this comb/brush combo (comb on one end, brush on the other, with a hinge that closed them up together). Needless to say, my hair got so helplessly tangled up in this contraption that I had to go around for the rest of the afternoon with it dangling from my head like an idiot. When Aunt #2 came to pick me up from school, I ran out to the car with a poster covering my head...because, you know, that didn't look odd AT ALL.

3. In Junior High, Aunt #2 came to pick me up one day. Her first offense was driving her car through the bus lane. Her second offense was running over one of those concrete parking space dividers in her Buick LeSabre. Her car became a teeter-totter on this hunk of concrete and it took two teachers to dislodge it. In front of everyone who was waiting for their ride home.

4. I used to hate holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day because in Sunday school and in school, we would always have to make crappy cards. The part I hated most about that was that I'd make the crappy cards and take them home and as soon as my mom haphazardly looked at it, she would throw it away (in my presence). I decided I had had about enough of that one year and addressed my Mother's Day card to my hamster, Harriet.

5. Then there was the Halloween costume that went on and on and on.

6. I have some degree of some sort of social anxiety disorder. It's better now that I'm older, but as a child, it really sucked. I've puked on more strangers in more public places than you can even imagine. I feel sorry for those people who were sitting in front of me at that NKOTB concert I went to in 6th grade...

7. I once jammed my finger by punching a boy. He was fool enough to say something stupid to me and I hauled off and punched him...except he moved his head at the last minute and I hit the wall behind him. Man, that really hurt.

8. In college, we had serenades from each of the mens' "social clubs" each month. A bunch of girls would sit down on the ground outside our window (we were on the 3rd floor). At some point, we figured out how hilarious it would be to dump water on the girls from our window. It just never got old. My favorite part was always at the very beginning when we'd hear someone say, "Is it raining?"

9. On a related note, there was also that time when a few of the girls decided to retaliate by coming upstairs with COKE cans filled with water. What were they planning on doing with those? Amateurs!

10. On another related note, there was also that time when some people decided to retaliate by shooting at our window with a paintball gun. Thank goodness, we had just closed the window. I was sitting in a chair in front of the window, and when the first one hit (we had no idea what it was at the time), I hit the floor. Scared the mess out of me, but it was funny.

11. Then there was that other serenade when Tara randomly screamed, "I LOVE YOU, TAD!" out the window. I think I hit the floor that time too. It seemed so out of character of her and thinking about it still makes me laugh. BTW--Phil preached at my parents' church on Sunday.

12. I think my obsession with toilet paper began in college too. They used to ration it out to about 2 rolls per room, per week. Toilet-paper-getting day was so exciting. The RA would set the rolls of TP outside of each door on the hall, and we would run and gather up as many of them as we could (while nobody was looking) and take them to our bathroom. We didn't need any extra toilet paper, but it sure did look nice stacked up in our bathroom. How many RAs did we run off? Several!

13. Then there was that hall meeting in which the RA read all of the suggestions that she had received about activities/comments on our hall. There were things like, "Let's have a group outing!" and "Let's do a weekly Bible study!" and then there was one that said, "Please stop making animal sounds at 3 in the morning!" Heh. Would you like to hear my sheep impersonation?

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Kevin said...

Great list, you little monkey.

The Rock Chick said...

BAAAAAA!! Too funny! I like a person with a little dickens in them. It makes life interesting :)

It's funny how vividly we remember things like items stuck in out hair (in my case it was a matchbox car) or toilet paper day! (wooo hoooo, by the way!)

What were they going to do with those Coke cans??? LOL

Jessica The Rock Chick

Stephanie said...

Oh that is SO Funny!! What a great list! Happy TT!

jasonandjennyt said...

LOL. The good ol' days.....I sure miss them! :) When those girls ran upstairs, I remember casually going out to the hall pretending to get some water from the water fountain and asking them, "What happened?" Hehehe!

Kristin said...

LOL I so remember having a wall of toilet paper stacked behind the toilet in my dorm's suite! We never needed to worry about toilet paper EVER! In fact, people came to us when they needed more!

Great List!

L^2 said...

Haha... so funny!

Thanks for visiting my TT. :-)

Amy Ruttan said...

Great list. So funny, so cute, I did stuff like that too.

Man I was a goofy kid.

Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

gabriella hewitt said...

Very funny and cute. I bet you enjoyed reliving some of those memories.

Your #1 reminds me of when we went to Niagara Falls. We went down to view the falls from a kind of cave that let you view the falls from beneath them. It's pretty wet, so you wear raincoats they rent? you. As we turned back, I watched my younger brother run up to this tall raincoat clad man and grab his hand. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. The man looks down and my brother realized it wasn't my dad, dropped the hand and came scurrying back. It was too funny. Down there, all tall men in slickers with hoods on looked the same! LOL!

Ctina said...

I loved your NKOTB story! :) By the way, I once slapped a boy for saying something bad and stupid to me. Way to go I'm sure he deserved it :p

Lisa said...

Great list. In my dorm we had to buy our own tp. What else did they supply for you?

Jeannine said...

This is funny!!!
Happy late TT.

Titania Starlight said...

Those were really good. I am a bit relieved to see I am not the only one with an embarrassing past. Thanks for stopping by my T13. I was the one re-living those flashes from the past of my childhood. Glad I stopped by. I really do like your blog. :o)

Book and Hook said...

I liked this list, it made me smile.
Have a great weekend!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I, too, thought this Thursday was Wednesday. I didn't discover that it wasn't until late in the afternoon when my son's eye doctor called to find out why it was that we missed the appointment that morning. I said, "That appointment is on Thursday." Yes? I hate it when that happens!

I loved your list!