Friday, May 25, 2007

Better Late than Never

Since I have been berated and accused of neglecting my public, here's a token blog entry for today.

Today was my second day of physical therapy. My doctor referred me for two weeks of therapy, two times a week. My therapist said that's not enough and signed me up for four weeks of therapy, two times a week. I like my therapist a lot. I thought he was very thorough in evaluating me. Whereas my doctor's version of evaluation is hitting my knees and ankles with that little rubber reflex-checkin' hammer (did I come in complaining of paralysis?!), this guy felt of my bones and watched how they move and all kinds of stuff. Apparently, one of my pelvic bones is a little higher than the other, so he's trying to even them out or something. He does think it's a sacroiliac problem and that it's not caused by wear and tear like my doctor said (wear and tear from WHAT?! Did someone lie to him and tell him I'm athletic?), but because I'm "too flexible" and my joints can just slide around wherever they want. Nice. So we're working on trunk strengthening exercises that will hopefully help hold everything in place, plus electric and ultrasonic and manual massage with a muscle relaxer/pain relief gel.

Since that wasn't funny, here's a weird and funny story for you.

There's this cat that lives in Kevin's neighborhood. He/She has taken to hanging out on K's patio like he lives there and Kevin fairly hates cats. I don't want to own one either, but I am sad for this cat because it's so loving and trusting. I'm also sad for it because it used to be really big and fluffy, and somebody shaved it except for its head and tail. It looks utterly ridiculous! It is no doubt the laughing stock of the cat community. Anyway, Kevin is always trying to scare it off with the aid of rotten oranges. (You would not believe the endless supply of rotten oranges this man has.) The other day, the cat was out on the patio rubbing against every stationary object and he went to get an orange. I ran outside to warn the kitty, all the while screaming, "I'm a human shield!" as I ran up the hill. I felt the orange whiz past my head and the kitty wasn't hit, but he was scared and scampered off.

From that point on, every time I drive up to Kevin's house, this cat comes out of some nearby bushes and greets me and will rub all over me if I let him. Mind you, I've never touched this cat or had a conversation with it except for, "You better go away now!" It's very weird. The cat would come in the house with me if I'd let him. --completely oblivious to the orange wielding man inside.

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Pamela said...

awwww. the poor kitty cat. and who isn't getting their vitamin C????