Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bridezilla has Left the Building

And not a minute too soon! Things are much calmer now that I've gotten a bunch of things checked off my list.

The house is showable (which is a feat with three dogs running through the house on a constant basis!)

Pretty much all of the details are taken care of except...
*Have to find out for sure that the venue received the form we faxed them (left message today).
*Have to figure out music (left message today).
*Need to meet with the officiant to discuss the format of the wedding.
*Must return hot pink shoes. (Bought equally fabulous ones last night. Fret not!)
*Need to upload Butter pictures. She's so hard to photograph, but hopefully some of the ones I took yesterday came out as more than just a blur.
*Invitations go out this weekend!
*TheGroom needs a tie that matches my sash. Surprise! Let's go with the darker suit, OK? I'll even let you do a white flower instead of hot pink. Bride of the year, right here!
*Dress pickup is May 6th (I guess it's technically a fitting...I'll try it on with the alterations done). *Aside* The alterations lady was so funny last night. "Zyou have beeeg gap right up top. We fix it!"

And just for my own sanity (because I know I'll lose the paper I have this written down on..)

Day before wedding:
- Before 3pm, pick up rental stuff

Day of wedding:
Early early morning- set up reception items.
Get hair did.
10am -pick up cupcakes when the bakery opens (Will send someone to do this).
Someone needs to pick up the food and set it up

Monday after wedding:
Rental items rinsed and returned. We rinse, D.R. returns.

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Roz said...

Glad things are slowing down for you. :)