Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Commendation Vs. Condemnation

I was playing Halo Reach today (going to work is for the birds!) and if you're not familiar with the game (or even if you are), you progress through the game and as you gain experience, you get an upgrade in your rank -- kind of like military ranks. Right now I'm a Captain Grade 3, thank you very much.

Anyway, there are also little mini accomplishments you can get. You get a certain number of points for getting a headshot, melee kill, etc. and at the end of the round, your points are tallied up as "commendation" points.

So today I was in a game lobby waiting for a round to start, and one of the players said, "How is that person a 'co-lawn-uhl' with so few conDEMnations?" It took me a minute to figure out what co-lawn-uhl was. :) Silly kids.

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K said...

I don't believe there's a colonel of truth in that story. :-)