Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Senior Citizen

As of this past weekend, my house has become just a little more chaotic. Am I a glutton for punishment? I would say so.

Meet Maya!

I'm going to be fostering this little one for awhile. She wandered up on someone's property skinny and without a collar, and they couldn't keep her, so she's mine for now.

I took her to the vet Saturday and learned that she's spayed, doesn't have worms, and is probably over 10 years old. She also has a hellacious case of dermatitis and a yeast infection in her skin. Her legs look like elephant skin -- really thick and cracked and baggy. It's really sad. The vet said that her skin has probably been bad her whole life and nobody tried to make it better. When I first got her, she would just scratch and scratch and groan. It was pitiful. She's on steroids, yeast medicine, and she has her own medicated shampoo now. She's still itching a lot, but I think it might be some better.

She's a funny little thing. She's 10 lbs. and she doesn't have hair on about 50% of her body due to her skin condition. She looks a little like an overgrown rat. :)

She loves her crate and when she naps (which is frequently!), she buries herself completely under her covers.

Here she is after I woke her up.

The other dogs are pretty curious about her and try to get her to play with them, but she's not interested. Maybe she'll pay more attention to them after she settles in. As of now, I'm just trying to get them not to accidentally run over her or sit on her. They play pretty rough with one another and they don't watch where they're going!

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