Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Your vs. You're: They Aren't the Same

Today I went to an all day leadership meeting. It was facilitated by some kind of consultant type. Our top leadership guy introduced her and really played up the fact that she's from Harvard. I thought, "Oh neat! I've never met a Harvard person before." (Well, maybe I didn't really think that, but one might think that given the introduction.)

I started looking over the agenda and saw that she wanted us to do the following:

Discuss you're background and role within the corporation.

Really?! She might as well have gone all "text talk" on it and used "ur" for "your."

I won't lie. I corrected it on my copy of the agenda. It's an illness.


Mandy said...

Love it. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate for the rest of the meeting without correcting it, either.

Lainy Cakes said...

I used to be great at spelling. Now "text talk" has ruined it. I catch myself all the time using "ur" in business emails. It's really sad.