Thursday, August 26, 2010

Forwarding Emails Doesn't Make Jesus Like You More

Also, pressing "like" in Facebook won't 'start a Christian revival, right here, right now.'

I just thought y'all should know that in case you were feeling guilty for not forwarding emails or pressing like.

On to other things...

Maya continues to do well. She's started coming out of her shell (and her crate) a little more and showing some personality. She gets so excited when it's dinner time or treats are being handed out. I was just outside with all three dogs and Mercy tried to play with Maya. Mercy's idea of playing is usually slapping Butter in the face, smiling at her, and waiting for Butter to go for the jugular. I told you they play rough. Anyway, Mercy decided to try to play with Maya by slapping her in the face, so she got a good stern talking to. She doesn't seem to get the size difference between her and Maya (approx. 40 lbs). Maya handles it really well, but she eventually wants to find a safe place to stay out of their way.

Work has taken a turn towards being even more illogical. We're doing another realignment (yes, we just did one in January) after I've finally gotten my stuff under control and running well.

This has taught me a couple of things:

1. It doesn't pay to work hard (literally or figuratively).

2. Apparently all the hard work I did was optional, because even though all the other teams in our organization were told to do the interaction model implementation that I did, I'm the only one who did it and nobody else was reprimanded for not doing it.

3. Nobody appreciates/understands what I've put myself through for the past 8 months to make my process actually work. When things are working, nobody pays attention to the process and they assume it just magically worked out that way by some stroke of good fortune.

4. Unpaid overtime is going to be a thing of my past. They can kiss it.

So anyway, basically they're reverting to an old structure and now I'm going to be the SME (Subject Matter Expert- Basically at the top of the processing team) for my team -- meaning, I'll be in charge of making sure process improvements get implemented, helping out with stuff on the team that nobody else knows how to do, ON TOP OF doing pretty much everything I already do, except the "team leader" is supposed to be helping out with half of what I already do. Oh yeah, and he gets the title of team leader even though he's only doing a portion of what I already do and he continually has to ask me how to do things or has me do things for him because he doesn't want to learn how to do stuff on his own. Also, I know him extremely well, and he's not going to do the stuff I do. My teammates actually laughed when they heard he was going to be "leading" them again.

Don't get me wrong. I really like the guy. He and I have worked together pretty much since I started there (10+ years ago). I don't begrudge him the title. It just doesn't sit well with me that I've worked as hard as I have and made as much progress with making good changes to the process just to have him swoop in and take on a title and get a (now) fully functioning team due to the work I've done all year. It makes me feel pretty much used.

And I'll quit griping now. Just know if you see me and my tongue looks like I've bitten it in half, it's because I'm trying not to say anything that will get me fired....ooh, but if they fire me, they have to give me all my vacation time I haven't been able to use this year and they have to pay unemployment...

Anyway, I think Maya just figured out how to knock the big girls' dog food bowl over (it's on a stand), so I better go check that out.


David said...

"SME, SME. What About SME? SME! SME! SME. SME. What about SME? SME's me. What about me?" (With apologies to Bob Hoskins.)

Sarah said...

The forwarding email thing is seriously irritating...I agree.

As for your cruddy job situation: I am SOOO glad I don't work. I can't imagine working all day long for someone else and seeing little gain to myself. I really admire you...I'm sorry it sucks right now :(

Mandy said...

Regarding emails and pressing "like" on Facebook reminds me of the Stuff Christians Like blog.

Mercy's Maid said...

That's really funny, Mandy...and so true!