Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Abandoned Puppies

Jen 1, Firewall 0.

Don't mind this post. These are just some abandoned dogs that were posted on my workplace's classifed ads. We can't e-mail out (stupid firewall) and the firewall wouldn't let me upload the pic to Facebook, so I had to find another option. Where there's a will, there's a way! Anyway, I'm posting this for my dog rescuing hero, Donna.

Here's the info that was on the ad:

Someone dumped two adorable puppies on property owned by my family, and we urgently need to find new homes for them. We can't keep them much longer, as our yellow lab isn't very tolerant of them.

They would make excellent indoor dogs - they have short hair, and I believe that they may be close to their full growth. Both puppies are female, have good temperment, and are very playful and people friendly. They seem to be very intelligent. Unfortunately, I don't know what breed they might be, or how old they are.

We need to find them a new home soon. If we can't, we are going to have to take them to an animal shelter, where they will most likely be euthanized. We are willing to give the new owner a 20 lb. sack of dog food with each puppy, or if you take them both, we will give a 50 lb. sack.

Please email me, or call XXXXXXXXXX (or XXXXXXXXXX) if you are interested in one or both of them - we need to find them new homes as soon as possible.

Additionally, the lady has told me that one is 10 lbs, the other is 15 lbs. They have been wormed, and they don't have fleas/ticks.

She thinks they are as big as they're going to get and she said they aren't chewing on stuff, so they're probably not baby puppies.

They have not been around any kids as far as she knows.

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