Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jiggity Jig

Mini-vacation 2009 was a success!

It was my first airline travel for non-work related purposes, so that's kind of a fun milestone. I told my cousin that we need to take advantage of some of Southwest's really cheap fares and meet up at some vacation destination sometime and do a little getaway. She agrees, but it will have to be sometime when school is not in session or something since she's teaching.

Anyhoo, fun times. I got to see a college buddy whom I hadn't seen in 7(!) years. And I got to see her cute kids -- one of which actually let me hold her...the other pretty much didn't want me to touch him, but I did talk him into waving at me there at the end, so there still might be hope that he will let me adopt me at some point in the future (seriously cute kids, people...don't judge me for wanting to adopt my friends' kids).

We went to see a musical (Guys and Dolls) in a park while I was there. The weather cooperated beautifully and it was a perfect temperature (rare for this time of year!). However, if anyone could tell me what happens at the end, I would appreciate it. I mean, we stayed until the end, but as I mentioned, I am losing my mind and my short term memory is gone and I can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time. At the end, we started folding up our blanket during the last song, so I have no recollection of the last little bit of the musical. (Couldn't have told you what happened even as we were walking back to the car.)

I know the "guys" all put on corsages 'one last time' and I'm assuming it's because Adelaide and that other guy finally got married and maybe the church lady and the other guy got married too, but if you could straighten that out for me, that'd be great, thanks!

I also got acquainted with the wonder that is Ikea. Everyone should have an Ikea. I only bought this little dog food bowl stand thing and a food and water bowl. And it just ALMOST fit in my bag. So my cousin is going to mail the stand to me.

The only gripe I have with Ikea (besides there not being one in every town) is that some of the stuff was very hard to decipher. I didn't know what they were trying to sell me in some cases and that made me sad. There should be clear explanations on everything.

On another note, one of the flight attendants on the flight back home was possibly moonlighting as a stand up comic. The safety speech was a joke. The "we just landed, but don't get up yet" speech was a joke.

"We do not anticipate a sudden loss of cabin pressure (or else none of us would have shown up to work today) but if that happens, an oxygen mask will drop..."

"Do not form a line in the aisle to wait for the restroom. That makes us nervous. Do not do any line dancing such as the electric slide in the aisles..."

"We enjoyed serving all of you except for the two ladies on the left side of the plane on row 6 'Can I have a crown and coke? Is it free?'"

Definitely an interesting little flight crew.


Mary said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! I hate that I missed you! I definitely can't compete with Ikea though, so maybe it was for the best. :)

Mercy's Maid said...

You could certainly compete with Ikea! :) Hate that I missed you too. I kept thinking what a kick my cousin would have gotten out of hanging out with you. Maybe it will will work out next time!