Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Every Story Can Have a Happy Ending

Remember the dogs I discovered at the lake earlier this summer that my friends David and Jennifer helped rescue?

You may remember that most of them went into temporary care at a ranch where they received shots and excellent care while they waited to be paired up with forever homes. Most of them ended up being transported to homes in the Northeastern US where there is actually a shortage of strays. Thank God for spay and neuter laws! Too bad that hasn't caught on here!

All but one of the rescued dogs was heartworm negative (yay!) and the one positive dog went to stay with David and Jennifer while he received his treatments. Over the past few days, he got progressively sicker and it was discovered that he had distemper (it must have been a dormant case from awhile back since he had been vaccinated for it when we found him back in May). There was no way to cure him and he was in bad shape, so Russ had to be put to sleep. It was the best decision for him, but a sad one for those who cared for him. David and Jennifer devoted a lot of love and time to that guy, so say a prayer for them if you're a praying sort.

But not every story has a sad ending. I ran across this video on earlier and it made me smile. The transport service that The Ranch uses is a really nice converted horse trailer that drives the dogs across the country to their new forever homes, but check out how these lucky dogs got to their new homes. :)

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Lisa said...

But the others had a happy ending, so there is that to feel great about.