Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a Few Happy Things

1. Gummi-vitamins are not just for kids anymore! Jesus loves me, this I know! I can tell because he made some people invent gummi-vitamins for grownups. And they taste good! Squee! I will not eat the whole bottle in one sitting...I will not eat the whole bottle in one sitting. *Ahem* Now I can feel good about not eating vegetables. Not that I felt bad about it to begin with...

2. I am almost finished with Outlander. Just 150ish pages left. It's starting to be a little intense and it's stressing me out. Not really in a bad way, but sometimes I have to put it down for a few minutes so I can relax a little. I should be reading it right now, but instead I am here entertaining my publics. You're welcome (or I'm sorry).

3. Remember the dogs that I found abandoned not too long ago? Three or four part blog post, you read until your eyes glazed over and then you clicked elsewhere? Well, here's the update.

We continued to go out for awhile and try to catch "the one that got away." Shortly after we rescued the other dogs, David and Jennifer went out to feed him and discovered that he had found FOUR MORE stray friends. Let's do the math...that brought us to a total of 9 stray dogs. I think we all kind of went into "You've got to be kidding me" mode, but we talked to the good people at All About Labs and they said they could make arrangements for the additional dogs.

We tried again to capture the original dog and his new friends. His friends weren't any problem, but unfortunately Mr. Skittish eluded us again. It was heartbreaking to have to leave him there by himself AGAIN. The look on his face as we drove off with his friends was terrible, but we just couldn't get our hands on him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the other dogs have been hanging out together and trying to keep cool in this heat. They've all been neutered,micro-chipped, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. Out of the eight dogs we brought in, only one was heartworm positive! Since heartworm treatment can be very hard on dogs, it was necessary for him to go into a foster home situation where he can be kept indoors where it's cool and he can be kept contained so he's not over-exerting himself. David and Jennifer took him home with them and he's settling in. I went to visit him today and he's so funny. He just lies on the floor sleeping mostly and occasionally paws at someone to get them to pet him. We hope his personality will come out as he gets adjusted to his new surroundings.

As an aside, I think David and Jennifer might have gotten hooked on animal rescue. Jennifer took another dog to the ranch just last week that someone had found abandoned. AND Russ (the heartworm positive dog) has a tag on his collar that says "Foster Dog 1"...big things could be afoot for their family. :) They are going to take great care of him while he's in their home (at least two months). You can see additional pictures and updates on their blogs (linked above).

The Goldenish female that was with the original group of dogs has recently been listed for adoption. You can see how beautiful she is now that she's all cleaned up here.


Lisa said...

Our pediatrician says 1 multivitamin and 8 oz V8 splash= balanced diet for a 4 year old (short term) so I say go for it!

(new profile pic, same Lisa at Books Lists Life)

Mercy's Maid said...

They really do taste like candy -- not medicine-ish at all. Your 4 year old will love them.

Lainy said...

My 4 year old might tackle me for the bottle :S I already have enough trouble out of him wanting to eat all the Flintstone vitamins lol.