Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dog Wrangling - Part 3

Saturday morning, Jennifer and David and I met with Lynda and Kevin of Golden Rescue and started gathering up dogs. One of the dogs is much more skittish than the others and we knew he would be a challenge. We were able to gather up the other four dogs within a few minutes, but we tried for about an hour to get the one remaining dog and never could get him. When he ran off into the woods, we decided to go ahead and take the other dogs to the ranch and come back later to find Number 5.At this point, my Kevin joined us and helped with transport.

We got out to the ranch and started giving baths. I saw the biggest ticks I’ve ever seen…one was even so big that it had busted and gotten stuck in the Golden’s hair. So gross! The dogs all tolerated their baths and shots well and got settled into their new (temporary) homes. The ranch usually keeps them for a minimum of a month before deeming them eligible for adoption. They like to treat them for any illnesses or injuries and get them socialized well before they give them “forever homes” (aren’t they smart?).

We haven’t given up on dog #5, but we still haven’t been able to “apprehend” him. Please pray that we will be able to get him to the ranch too (and that he won’t bite us in the process).

These two organizations (MAGRR and AAL)are very well organized and professionally run. If you are considering bringing a dog into your home, check with them. All of their dogs have a story and there are tons of dogs at the ranch who need a good home. You don't even have to live nearby. They transport the dogs to you.

Can you imagine how much money it takes to run an organization like this? Both organizations take donations, and All About Labs also has some more creative ways that you can help their organization while doing the things you normally do –it won’t even cost you a penny extra. Check out their Get Involved page.

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