Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sewing Tutorials for the Astonishingly Dim other words, sewing tutorials geared toward remedial sewers (ones who sew...not waste management thingies) like me.

I just ran across this funny and EXTREMELY helpful tutorial for sewing on bias tape.

This lady must have been eavesdropping on me the one and only time I attempted to use bias tape, because her "no swearing" method was definitely needed at that point in time.

Just being honest!

She makes it look so easy.

Here's another tutorial on how to do the folds on homemade bias tape. I would have never come up with this!

And here's a tutorial on making your own bias tape from beginning to end. Very helpful and easy to follow!

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Lisa said...

I make it with one of those nifty little tools, I love it. I have a couple of different sizes. Then you have to fold it over to make double fold.