Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things that Don't Eat Canned Corn

First of all, let me give you a short recap of my day.

1. Mercy goes to the vet at 8 this morning to get her annual checkup. She is terrified of the vet's office, so I have to carry her and hold her to make sure she doesn't eat anybody. She poops accidentally and randomly due to aforementioned fear. She weighs 40.1 pounds. Best workout I've had in AWHILE.

2. Today marked an historic event: My first trout fishing attempt. It DID NOT work out so well. It was about 44 degrees with wind gusts up to 30mph. That, my publics, made for a COLD fishing trip. Perhaps cold fishing trips aren't so bad if you're actually catching something (except maybe pneumonia), but we weren't, so it was fairly miserable.

We went to a pond that the game and fish stocks with trout from fall until early spring. Or so they SAY. Like I said, I did not see any of these alleged fish.

Corn is supposed to be a good trout bait, which brings me to my next topic.

Things that Don't Eat Canned Corn
1. Trout, apparently.
2. Cows. We stopped by the side of the road because I wanted to pet a cow that was sticking his neck through the fence adorably. I got out and said, "Hey cow! I've got corn for you!" He RAN like I was shooting at him or something. Then he mooed to all of his buddies and they turned around and stared at me. I kid you not. The whole pasture stopped what they were doing and turned and stared me down. Except for #3.
3. Horses. There were horses in the field with the cows. They just ignored me when I offered them corn. Wouldn't even look at me. Maybe they were just mad at me for yelling, "Screw you, cows!" at their friends, though.

I'm not sure I'll ever recover from today's cold temperatures, but Kevin did just make me some hot chocolate, so maybe that will help.


Mo said...

LoL...well, what can I say?! I do hope you warmed up nicely, and that the hot chocolate helped!

Hope your weekend is getting better!

Lainy said...

Wow, you scared cows away? Nice one :D lol

Kevin said...

I'm famous! Whee!

Mercy's Maid said...

Enjoy your 15 minutes! :)

sol92258 said...

A) cows are easily frightened away anyway
B) horses are pretentious
C) bream LOVE corn
C2) and so does the snake that I hooked while fishing for bream with corn....if you ever find a snake corpse around Wright Patman with hook and about 6 foot of line, and corn on said hook, you'll know it's mine (of course, this was about 14 years ago.....he may still be out there, pissed at me)

Mercy's Maid said...

You and I tried to fish with corn one time, Jim. Do you remember that? As I recall, I didn't catch anything that time either. Hmmm...

sol92258 said...

yep, but I never caught anything there anyway