Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Telephone Conversation Transcript

*Just for some background- I never hear from my parents unless I pick up the phone and call them. It’s almost as if they don’t care to talk to me or something! BUT I’M NOT BITTER!*

This is from a phone call I got at work from my dad yesterday.

Dad: Hey! How are you a’doin’?

Me (awash in surprise): I’m doing alright. Just trying to look busy.

Dad: Oh, OK. Well, I had been up at the church and when I got back, your momma said that she had been talking to your sister and the call waiting showed that the AR State Police were calling and she didn’t click over in time to see what they wanted. She thought they might have been calling to say you had been in a wreck or something. So when I came back home, she told me to call you and check to make sure you were OK. I told her they were probably just begging for money, but she wanted me to call and make sure.

Me: …Wait a minute! You mean she thought the state police were calling to tell her that I was DEAD and she couldn’t answer the phone in time? And then she couldn’t call me to check on me herself? She WAITED until you got home and got YOU to do it? What the crap is that about? Did she forget my phone number? Are her dialing fingers broken? I mean, seriously! Tell her too bad, I’m still alive! Maybe next time!

Dad: Yeah, I think she wanted to see how much insurance money we were about to collect. Nah, you know her cell phone never works right because she never charges it, so when I got home she got me to call on my cell phone. (They don’t have long distance on their home phone.)

Me: She couldn’t plug her phone in and call me to make sure I wasn’t dead?!

Feel the love, people. Feel the love.

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Lainy said...

Ewe, burnage by Mom! lol I was thinking the same thing you were when reading the beginning of the conversation. It's ok, I still love ya :D