Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Thought You Were Rid of Me

I know I've been missing. Wait...did any of you notice I have been missing? Does anyone even read this anymore?

Anyhoo, I haven't had a lot to report lately, so I've remained silent. Here are a few factoids I've scrounged up for you.

1. I bought a Xbox 360 last week. Squee! I have't played Xbox in years (only the old system), so it's neat to see how it has evolved. I got a good deal on it too ($100 discount during checkout at, and it came with 3 games, a wireless controller, and a headset to use with Xbox live).

2. For V-day (aka VD), I got Halo 3 and a subscription to Xbox live. Nothing says "I love you" like giving someone the opportunity to pretend she's The Master Chief. And kick random strangers' butts worldwide. Just sayin'.

3. Unfortunately, in my several year sabbatical from Xboxing, I have gotten extremely sucky at video games, so the butt kicking might just be a dream at this point.

4. Speaking of sucky, every work day is full of surprises. The other day, a coworker really wanted to know what a certain word (I won't spell it out b/c I would hate to disappoint someone who does a search on it and ends up here!) that rhymes with gel-ratio meant. So when it was finally explained to her, she wanted to know how anyone would know that word and proceeded to ask everyone who walked down the aisle if they knew what that word meant. Loudly.

I told her I was embarrassed for her because she probably shouldn't be yelling that word out at work...when clients were on the floor, but she said she wasn't embarrassed because nobody knows that word anyway.


Mo said...

LoL!! Yeah, we noticed, we're just to polite to say anything about it! LoL...Glad to see ya postin' again, lady; hope you have a good weekend ahead, that gives you LOTS to blog about!

Sparkling Cipher said...

HA! I haven't had to explain one of those terms since junior high. I'm impressed by your polite coworkers whose reactions convinced her they didn't know what it meant.

Anonymous said...

Of course I noticed and I was abt to stalk you in other ways. Don't you love how I abbreviated abt, just to irk The things I do for

Ok, back to this post. I have simply got to know which of the people that sit around you did this.

A simple email will do the trick for me and would make my c'mon and share....


Pamela said...

I think she's ignorant. I heard that word when I was a kid and looked it up in Funk & Wagnalls. ha

Quite a few years ago we hired a young woman (I was the manager) and one day a customer at her window made her laugh and she called him a **D!ld0"

After the customer left I asked her if she knew what that was. She said, "yes, a dumb person." I suggested she meant "dodo"

and then told her what a d/ld0 was and she never wanted to see that customer again.

However, now people say such things in casual conversation.

times have changed.

The World is Quiet Here said...

#4. Wow. Did she ever come to the conclusion that many people know what that means? Pamela's is funny, too.

I read this, BTW. :)

Mercy's Maid said...

Yay! I have 5 readers. :) She never did believe that anyone (other than two of us who explained it to her) knew what it meant. None of the people she asked knew.

The next day she asked what a Phallus was. Surprisingly few knew what that meant either.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in an alternate universe.

Lisa said...

oh that's too funny about the coworker!

I wonder where she's finding these words.

sol92258 said...

wow, maybe she's just leading ya'll on like she's innocent, you know, a baiter...she may even be a master at it...

Mercy's Maid said...


Actually she doesn't pretend to be innocent. I've heard more about her exploits than I care to remember.

(Thanks, Arthur.)