Monday, January 05, 2009

But I Will Not Fall Prey to the Folly that is Owning a Cat

My seriously hilarious cousin commented about a picture of me holding one of my Christmas presents -- a book about quilting.

She said (and I quote): "Please tell me the "Quilter's Complete Guide" was a white elephant gift. LOL If not, I need an immediate update on your cat count!"

I may be dangerously close to becoming the crazy dog lady at times, but I will not have a house full of cats who exist only to try to steal one's breath as one sleeps, spray random things around the house in a fit of rage, and wait with bated breath should I die so they can eat my still warm body. Seriously.


Kevin said...

You left out the joys of cat-butt sandwiches... a nice bonus brought about by kitty sitting on the kitchen counter where you prepare your food.

Oh, and the fashionable cat-hair collection displayed on your clothes.

The World is Quiet Here said...

This post amuses me very much.

Pamela said...

I'd definitely be making an evil eye quilt square for that cousin.