Sunday, July 06, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I'm too lazy to formulate a real blog post, so allow me to blog in bullets, will you?

1. Last week I stopped my car in a busy street to help a turtle cross the road. Unfortunately, the aforementioned turtle was dead. You know the tricks you can use to tell if a human is still alive? Mirror up to the face to see if it fogs up and what not? Well, apparently when I'm faced with a turtle emergency and need to determine the vitality of the turtle in question, I wiggle it around on the street and say, "Mr. Turtle! Mr. Turtle! Are you alive, Mr. Turtle?" while cars pass and honk.

2. I think Charlie Brown's mother lives in my home office. I keep hearing the weirdest sounds in here (it sounds like the wah wah wah-wah-wah-wah that Charlie Brown hears when he's on the phone) and I have been unable to ascertain the source of the sounds. I thought maybe the dogs were outside the window doing something to cause it, but when I looked out, they were sleeping in their house. Then I thought maybe a fly was caught between the blinds and the window, but I couldn't find anything. This has gone on for days now and I cannot figure out what's causing it.

3. The boy sprayed the black widows, for those of you who are keeping up. There were two mommy black widows and a few egg sacs. Since then, there have been mountains of dead June Bugs on his porch. I like June Bugs, but sometimes collateral damage is necessary when you're in a war with spiders (AKA The Evil Ones).

4. I have to go to court tomorrow. My sources say that I'll still have to pay the fine, but I won't have to do the time have it on my record. I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning, but I'll just sit around until they call my name. Hayden reports that when she went, they didn't call her name until 3 something, so it could be a long day! I will take several books.

5. Speaking of books, let's review where I am in regards to my goal of reading 100 books this year (audio books count!). So far I've read 42, so that puts me about 8 books behind. That's OK though. I did a lot of catching up last month (14 books read last month), so maybe I can keep that momentum. I should finish one up today and I only have maybe an hour left on an audio book I'm working on, so things should pick up. In the meantime, there's an overcrowding problem on my bookshelves. My goal today is to rearrange a few things so that all the books have a home (even the ones that are currently living in cardboard boxes and/or on the floor). Together we can defeat bookish homelessness!


Liane said...

Bullet #1 was very very cute. lol

With regards to Bullet #2, do you have speakers in there? My cell phone makes my speakers make weird, static-ish noises that sound like a fly caught between blinds. Other electronics turning on in the house sometimes do it too.

Mercy's Maid said...

I know the noise you're talking about and it's not quite as loud as that. My cell phone isn't in here anyway, but it sounds like it's coming from a wall that isn't housing any electronics.

Also, I think the TV in my bedroom is possessed, but that might be a different blog post. Strange happenings abound.

Lisa said...

Poor turtle!

I have a goal for 8 books in July, which is a LOT for me. I bet I don't make it.

Roz said...

I think I sent you a piece of flair about stopping to pick up animals. :D Sorry you could not save that one.