Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kevin Has Crabs + Chinese Wisdom

OK, so he only has one crab. But I couldn't resist.

It's a Fiddler Crab and it lives in his aquarium. He also got three yellow Mollies (One boy and two girls) and four Ghost Shrimp (one of which died before we even got it home-- it's hard out here for a shrimp!).

Anyhoo, the crab's name is Crabby Patty. We've learned not to name the shrimp because they always mysteriously disappear, and the yellow fishies do not have names yet. I will submit any yellow fish name suggestions that you have to TheBoy and will let you know if any of your suggestions make the cut. If we choose your name, I'll give you a marvelous prize. Just kidding, but I will give you some linky love if you want it.

The other fishies' names are:

Fluffy (catfish)
Mr. Whiskers (catfish)
Skeletor (some kind of white/see through Tetra)
The Other Skeletor (we can't tell them apart)
Circe Nightshade (Black Skirt Tetra)
Azrael Abyss (Black Skirt Tetra)
Hitler (Reddish Tetra)
Jaws (Reddish Tetra)
Jack (Boy Red Wag Platy)
Chrissy (Girl Red Wag Platy)
Janet (Girl Red Wag Platy)
Dianne (Girl Red Wag Platy)

+ A Yellow Mystery Snail that we call Snaily

And speaking of eating animals (MEOOOOOOOW), we had Chinese food tonight. By Chinese food, I mean that I ate some Sweet and Sour "Chicken" without the sauce (which I realize basically doesn't even count as Chinese food). But the best part of Chinese food is always the fortune cookies, no?

Without further ado, here are our fortunes:

Kevin: For hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love (in bed).
Jennifer: Go for it. You never know what happens next (in bed).
Kevin: Avoid the opposite sex today (in bed).
Jennifer: Work with the public and let some of your hidden qualities shine (in bed). Oooooer!

And as a special bonus, check out Michelle's fortune cookie recipe at Scribbit. She's Alaska's (much cooler) version of Martha Stewart.

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Scribbit said...

Our two goldfish are Optimus and Prime :)

And we had our first introduction to Sponge Bob so I'm ALL OVER that Crabby Patty thing :)