Friday, February 01, 2008

Ten Little Known Facts About Me

This is cross-posted from my Myspace blog.

"You've been TAGged! Now I'm tagging you. You must write a blog with ten weird, random little known facts about yourself or habits you have. Once you have been TAGged, you can't TAG me back. Choose at least ten friends from your Myspace. Don't forget to leave them a comment to let them know they've been TAGged. If you want to do this .... YOU'RE IT !!!!! If you decide not to do this, nothing bad will happen to you at all, so no worries. "

First of all, I'm not sure what I'd consider "little known facts" about me. So this might bore the pants off of some of you. Eww. Put them back on! Have some respect for yourself!

1. I had my one week follow up for my LASIK surgery today and I'm seeing 20/20 out of one eye and 20/25 out of the other. Yay! It should get better as the swelling inside the 20/25 eye goes down. This is coming from the girl who couldn't see the big E before her surgery, so this is my own little miracle.

2. I've been going through a creative phase lately. My folks gave me their old sewing machine, so I've been making stuff (Kevin says I'm obsessed...or was that possessed? Either way). AND I just opened an store (everything listed there is totally handmade) for my wares. The selection and quality of my stuff should go up as I gain experience. I have some other ideas of stuff I want to do, but I haven't worked out the logistics yet. My store's address is (you can also access it from my sidebar. Just click on "sewinspired".). There are really some very cool artistic pieces at (in general--not so much at my store yet).

3. My new favorite musical type person is Sara Bareilles. I just think she's fabulous. Go listen to her. I'll wait here.

4. Do you get the feeling that I keep trying to divert your attention to other sites? Yeah, that's because it's hard to think of 10 little known facts about oneself.

5. I've been reading Anna Karenina since September of 2006, but I refuse to give up on it. I actually love it a whole lot, but there are just so many other things to read.

6. The older I get, the more liberal I get. And you know what? It's very freeing.

7. Speaking of old age, I'm totally not looking forward to my birthday this year. Lock up all of the sharp objects a few days in advance. I'll be crying in a dark room somewhere.

8. There's not a single clock in my house that's set to the correct time. And they all show different times. It's a psychological experiment for my house guests. Plus, I'm too lazy to set my clocks. It's v. sad.

9. I have an irrational fear of my (Mercy) dog getting old and dying. I realize that's something I need to deal with, but I think I'll have to be medicated when that happens. I just love the way she spins around in circles and throws toys at me when I first come home in the evenings. I also love it that she sleeps through the night. Unlike her bratty little sister who has kept me up for the past three nights in a row. But I digress...

10. Any time I pass a pasture with some kind of animal in it, I always want to stop and ask the owners if I can go pet the cows/goats/sheep/horses, etc. I almost can't stand to drive by without petting them. But I think the owners would think me odd if I randomly stopped by and said, "Pardon me, but I'd really like to touch your cows. Do you mind? Will they gore me?" Maybe one day I'll work up the nerve.

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