Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sewing Update: Part 1

Number of times have almost died at the "hands" of sewing machine: 1
Number of times have cussed sewing machine: 2(00)
Number of projects begun: 0

That's how it's going so far. I am going to try to sew a pillowcase bag later today. We'll see how that goes. The latest altercation involved me not being able to get the bobbin thread to come up under the presser foot. I was getting very frustrated because the instruction manual uses words like: take-up lever, position finger, and shuttle race. Are they serious? I've got their position finger right here!

Anyway, I finally realized that when I threaded the top part, I did a step out of order and that's why the bobbin thread wasn't catching. When it finally worked, the angels sang. It was wonderful. I'll post my sewing results later. It's sure to be amusing.

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