Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Gladiators are Back, Brother!

So...is anyone excited that American Gladiators is back? I loved the show when I was little, so I nearly peed my pants when I saw they had redone it.

I didn't watch last night, but I did see Sunday night's epidode.

Here are my thoughts.

1. It'd be a lot better if nobody was allowed to speak.

2. How many times can Hulk Hogan work the word "brother" into a sentence?

3. Lay off the steroids, Hellga! I hope she wears bloomers under that skirt because I have a feeling she's hiding some dangly bits!

4. Wolf is a little too into his gimmick. I could do with less howling. And he looks like he's probably carrying lice.

5. Titan looks like a Disney cartoon character. Does he or does he not?

6. Who wrote the cheesy bios?

7. I think it's interesting that the contestants are competing to become the gladiators next season. That's kind of cool. Although, I'm afraid for this guy who calls himself "the spider monkey".

You can see his impression of a spider monkey here:

8. Do wolves eat spider monkeys?


JIm said...

Yes, I'm excited about Gladiators coming back, though I missed it Sunday night for church, and Monday night for the OSU whippin' by LSU
But I will be watching when I can.
Hogan inserts brother everywhere, get used to it :)
er, brothette??
I'll just stick to Dudette wit'ya, otay?
By the way, something else I was excited about was Knight Rider, until I saw they ruined it by changing the car - completely changed it's make/model, it's ability to actually somewhat be incognito, something important for a spy, but mostly because they used a darned ford; oh well, at least I have a surplus of time now that I won't be wasting in there :)

Mercy's Maid said...

Yes, I thought the Knight Rider car change was uncalled for too. If you're going to change the car, make it something totally unattainable by the general public, you know?

Mustangs are cute and all, but they're so common.

JIm said...

Yup, you've gotta try to stay as close to original as possible - if the original was a mustang, you have to use a mustang.
I realize that lack of a "current" firebird, but the could use the new camaro....but again, the spy/blending in/incognito/going mostly unnoticed would be lost.
Oh well, they didn't ask me...:)

elaine said...

=O Gladiators are back!? I never watched it, but it's kinda cool to see shows that we grew up with come back.