Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!

This year, "The Grinch" has manifested himself in many different ways in an attempt to steal my Christmas spirit. I shall share some of the ways here.

1. My insurance company is the devil. I dropped off a RX on Saturday. I figured that since I've met my deductible for the year, I might as well stock up on my expensive Migraine meds at 90% off. It's what any reasonable person would do. When I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, they told me the price and it was not the 90% off price. It was the 100% regular price. I proceeded to leave the RX there and called my insurance company on Monday. They said that their system went down on Fri. and when it came back up, it reset everyone from my company's status from "individual level deductible" to "family level deductible". So it looked like I hadn't met my deductible even though I had. I was assured that they were working on my account and that it would be taken care of that day.

I called the pharmacy yesterday to see if it had indeed been taken care of. It had not. I called the insurance company back. They did some stuff and assured me that it had been taken care of. I questioned them about whether or not I could go by the pharmacy that very minute and pick it up without any problems. They said yes.

I went to the pharmacy. My insurance company lied.

Called the insurance company back from the pharmacy waiting area. Spent an hour in Freaking Wal-Mart Christmas HELL the Wal-Mart pharmacy trying to get everything straightened out. Eventually did. Was courteous to the Wal-Mart pharmacy people since I realized none of this was their fault.

2. Shonda from the Wal-Mart pharmacy can bite me. After all of my courtesy, she had the nerve to get rude with me.

That little so and so is lucky I still had a few ounces of Christian charity patience in me. She was *this close* to picking her smart mouth up off the ground. Just sayin'. See, what had happened was, I went to pay and noticed she only had two of my RXs. When I said, "I dropped several off when I came in. I should have more than that." She said, "Sign for your insurance." And I said, "OK, but I should have two more RXs, so I need to find out what the status is with those." And do you know what she said to me after I had been waiting in the Wal-Mart pharmacy for an hour? She said, "I knooooooooooow. Sign for your INSURANCE. That guy over there has been waiting for awhile and I need to wait on HIM! You're going to have to take these over to the drop off window and find out what happened to your other RXs." Really, hussy? Really?

Then when I finally got everything squared away, the pharmacist called my name and said my other ones were ready. So I walked up to the counter. Hussy walked to the back of the pharmacy to work on something else rather than check me out. I had to stand there at the counter for 5 minutes until another girl was asked by the pharmacist to come over and check me out.

3. I sent out my Christmas cards last week. One of them came back to me with half of its stamp ripped off and a "return for sender for no postage" stamp on it. Really? There clearly had been a stamp on it. Part of it was still on there. So I went by the post office today to mail something else and took it in with me and showed it to the guy at the counter and explained the situation. And do you know what he said? He said, "So do you want to purchase another stamp for it?" Hell no, I didn't. So when I told him I didn't think I should have to purchase another stamp for something I had already put a stamp on, he had to confer with another worker to see if that was OK. She told him to just put a new stamp on it for me. What kind of stamp did he put on it? A Hanukkah one. So I sent one Christmas card with a Hanukkah stamp. Priceless.


Jim said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain, but, you must remember, and if you don't, you will only make me feel a miserable failure:
indomitable (or abdominal) spirt
but it sounds like you kept your cool, at least that's what you say - maybe I need that WM store # so I can review the security tapes, just to make sure you're not putting the redneck-flip on somebody :)

Mercy's Maid said...

Well, it wouldn't have been the first time I've put the redneck-flip on someone!