Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not Too Nutty

After reading my previous post, you might presume that I had a bad time this weekend. I really didn't. That kind of crap is just par for the course...you let it go as best you can and wait until you get home to fall apart. Whatever.

Anyway, the baby was great on the trip. He hardly fussed at all. It's amazing how much his personality has emerged since I last saw him a month or two ago. He is so smiley and happy. He also has an uncanny ability to pee on things, even when he's wearing a diaper. Even so, I'm totally in love with him. I added a new picture of him on my family album on myspace. Go see how cute he is. We fed him cereal for the first time. He hated it. Gagged, even.

I thought sister #2 (S2) was going to pimp slap my mother a few times. S2 was driving my mother's car (my mother refuses to drive anymore), but she wouldn't tell my sister which exit to take until after my sister passed it (numerous times!). Then she would act like my sister was stupid for not taking the exit. Also par for the course.

S1 wanted us to go to this "giant book sale" place and to a particular store in the mall. The place had huge banners all over it saying, "GIANT BOOK SALE". It was a stand alone building. I asked my mom, "What did S1 want to look at in the mall? Is someone having a sale?" and she said, "This isn't the mall, it's the book sale." Really? I couldn't have guessed by the banners and the fact that there are no other buildings connected to this one! In fact, since I can't read the banners, there's really no need to go to a BOOK sale, is there?

No more nutty than usual.

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Magical Liopleurodon said...

oh you so funny
..your family - uhhhh..
but you quack me up