Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Burning Question...

Is it wrong to search from your work PC?

Just wondering.

Because I so want to right now.

You see, I'm supposed to be leading a project right now. And I've never done anything with it before, but it's not hard. In fact, it's probably the easiest thing I've ever worked on here. But instead, the guy who has worked on it in the past has totally taken it over even though he's been told on multiple occasions that I'm supposed to be learning this so I can become the "expert" on this process. Today, I looked up some old Database specs for the project and started altering them to match what we need this time. Since I've never done this project before, I asked the guy to look over my specs and tell me if I got any of it wrong so I could be sure they were correct when I passed them on to the programmer. He writes me back and instead of telling me what I did right or wrong, he just pastes in what he's already sent the programmer.

Did you get that? He's already done all of the stuff I was supposed to do and passed it on to the programmer without even telling me. It's been like this throughout the whole process so far and I'm sure it will continue. I am frustrated beyond belief. I'm probably going to lose my blankety-blank mind in a minute.

If I haven't already. And I have.

Anyway, on to happier news, I had my first "Christmas Choir" rehearsal last night. There are maybe 12-15 of us, so it's small, but good. AND Pseudo-WayneBrady is in the choir. Maybe I'll get his autograph.

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Jim said...

I wouldn't say so much "wrong" as much as "traceable"...but I've done it before, and if a similar situation came up again, I's would gotta again.
Not that it helped much. but I did it.
And then I was patient and God brought me a better opportunity.
He's simply amazing.
Later Dudette