Friday, November 09, 2007

A Bit of a Retraction

OK, so I found out that the guy I was fussing about yesterday didn't turn in my stuff to the programmer. He turned in some other stuff. Which is fine. But he's been doing my stuff even after I told him I wanted to work on it this whole time, so it would not have been surprising.

Anyway, he was nicer to me yesterday afternoon, so I'm going to be nice. La-la-la-la-la...this is me being OK, all better.

We have some "fun activities" going on up here this month. You'll remember last month's "fun" activity, right? (The Winter Olympics) Well, this month's fun activity is a Thanksgiving Potluck and a Mr. and Mrs. Turkey contest. For the potluck, there's an online sign up sheet where you can write down which dish you're bringing and your name. Someone has been going into the sheet and signing up random people to bring random food items. A guy came over yesterday and said someone had signed him up to bring candied yams and he wasn't even sure what candied yams were. I work with a bunch of comedians.

The Mr. and Mrs. Turkey thing is a charity fund raiser. All 155 of the people in my group have their picture on a paper cut out of a turkey. People can buy feathers for $1 each and stick them on someone. The man and woman with the most feathers on the 19th have to dress up like turkeys at the potluck. So there's quite a competition going on.

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