Thursday, October 25, 2007

13 things I've Learned in Just Three (3) PiYo Classes (TT #31)

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1. Gym regular, Abuelo Spandexo (aka Balls) is quite flexible.

2. The teacher can keep her balance even when she has vertigo.

3. Falling over can be fun.

4. When the teacher says something like, "Now we're going to try something that's really fun" she means that she wants me to die.

5. It's important to keep one's toenails painted beautifully, even in the dead of winter.

6. Wearing long pants doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to shave your legs. When you're nearly upside down, pants turn into capris.

7. Standing on a squishy mat does NOT help with my balance issues.

8. I'll probably catch some terrible disease from using said squishy mat (it's gym-owned).

9. If I close my eyes, it'll make me fall over.

10. If I'm in one of the weird stances and I look up at my hands that I'm holding over my head, I'll fall over.

11. I should wear my contacts on PiYo days. It's hard to watch what the teacher's doing when you have no peripheral vision (and you're in the midst of falling over).

12. I'm supposed to acknowledge my thoughts and release them during the cool down portion. I don't know what that means, so I just usually pray instead. When she gets to the bit about "your ribs are relaxed and are falling to either side of your body...your eyes are relaxed and your eyeballs are falling back in the sockets", I pray it's not so. I like my eyeballs right where they are, thank you very much!

13. Any exercise that incorporates a cool down that very nearly involves me taking a nap in the floor is OK with me.

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Mitchypoo said...

I've never tried PiYo but I have done yoga and I totally relate! Very funny! Happy TT!

Robin said...

My husband does PiYo every week. I'll have to speak with him, I think he's been remiss on the painted toenails thing... Personally, I stick to the weight training/cardio side of the gym. Classes stress me out.

Jenn said...

I just started doing yoga again and I totally agree with the painted toenails and shaving legs things ;)

Pamela said...

I don't know what PiYo is - but I could handle the nap part just fine.

Library Lady said...

Think I'll stick with ballet--
the slippers cover my never painted toenails :)