Friday, September 07, 2007

Now Showing

First of all, this is what was showing last night:

And I thought Elaine was bad! :) Actually, there's a whole documentary (National Geographic Channel) on this, and we watched the whole thing. If you can find the whole documentary, watch it. It's funny because it's a show about trying to cure someone's phobia of clowns, but there's this creepy sounding carnival music playing in the background through most of it. And at one point, there's this clown that's dressing up like a serial-killer-clown with teeth like a rabbit. I think it might have actually GIVEN me a fear of clowns. My favorite part of the clip above is the part where she throws Lambchop down on the floor and has to rescue him.

Moving along...

I went to Blockbuster at lunch and used some of my free rental coupons (I have connections!). I picked up Blades of Glory and Jesus Camp. I'm about the only person I know who would use a free movie rental coupon on a documentary, but there you have it.

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elaine said...

omg I wanted cry with that woman! especially when he whipped out the book with the hideous clown inside :( I've seen the same thing on Tyra. Of course, I don't watch too long, it freaks me out. I've had a friend send me scary clown comments on my space and I had to delete the asap!