Saturday, September 08, 2007

Maury Povich is an Evil You-Know-What!

Yesterday (when I was looking up the youtube clip that I shared here), I ran across some scenes from a show Maury Povich did on bizarre phobias. He was doing this in an effort to "help" people overcome their phobias. Not for the laugh factor at all!


Pamela said...

I know a woman afraid of balloons.
I've heard of bird fear
but mustard and pickles....

Thats one dull hotdog.

elaine said...

I've seen the mustard and pickle one. Dude, what's to be afraid of it? It's not like they are clowns and spiders... you can control the situation! Unless the pickle becomes possessed by a demon and thrusts itself down your throat and causes you to choke..
but otherwise...why be scared of it?