Thursday, September 13, 2007

13 Myspace "Names" People Should Be Ashamed Of (TT #28)

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I was browsing through my general area's myspace profiles the other day and was shocked and appalled by some of the names people have assigned to their profile. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock and aren't familiar with Myspace, people usually use their first name or a nickname. Mine, for instance, is nothing flashy. I'm very boring like that. But I guess I could adopt one of the below if I want to spice up my profile.

1. Vicious Vixen (I'm scared! Somebody hold me!)
2. Fierce Cupcake (Elaine, you could be Fierce Muffin!)
3. i luv u baby (Aww, thanks! i luv u too!)
4. Tha Solution (What is the meaning of this word, "Tha"?)
5. Heather Hottie! (It's like I've always said...if you have to tell people you're hot or sexy, you probably aren't!)
6. Dilly Willy (You make me laugh, Dilly!)
7. dude bag (I know your momma didn't name you that!)
8. Parachute! (But he doesn't look like a parachute.)
9. I gotta make it (You gotta make it where? Prostitute school? What message are you sending all sprawled out on a car with your butt up in the air?)
10. Who Farted? (The smeller's the feller!)
11. Unknown_Clover (Does anyone ever really "know" clover? That's deep!)
12. Big Tutu Respected By All (Respect Big Tutu's Authoriti!)
13. Miss Tiny (And I'll be honest with you, she's not. Maybe it's the power of positive thinking. I'll have to check back later and see if she has a new smaller picture up. If so, I might adopt that name.)

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Believer in Balance said...

Yikes! That what I call putting yourself out there! Full frontal!

mom huebert said...

Those are funny! Where do they come up with this stuff?

Nancy J. Bond said...

Great idea for a TT list. :) Pretty inventive handles, those.

Cindy Swanson said...

Oh, my goodness. I know someone whose e-mail address is "" (except Mary's not her name, she uses her real name)--but it always amazes me that someone could think so highly of themselves!

Great list!

Lulu said...

And this is why I stay away from MySpace!

Funny stuff!

Southern Girl said...

The few times I've gone to MySpace, I've come away feeling like I needed a shower. ;)

Interesting TT though!

Mine is up, too:

L^2 said...

LOL It's amazing what some people come up with!

Pamela said...


Nicholas said...

I've never loked at Myspace. I can't say that this make me feel I have missed much!

Buck Naked Politics said...

Too funny. I've never been on My Space. I'll have to check it out.

elaine said...

lol, yes, the names these people come up with. I've seen some pretty funky ones myself.
I think EmoMuffin suits me fine :D However, have you ever heard of the Hot Topic Brand called Cupcake Cult? I think that is interesting o.o