Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Contrary to Popular Belief, I am NOT on Crack

In fact, my friend Elaine finds me delightful. See exhibit A (an excerpt from her blog).

It is always nice to see Jennifer when she comes to town--like the circus! Err, minus the clowns.

I was told over and over again what a crackhead I am when I was at the boy's house last night. I walked into his house without having eaten dinner and understandably, I was hongry (y'all know big momma's gotta eat!)

So imagine my glee when I walked into his kitchen and saw the bounty of snack foods he was harboring. Is it my fault that I went around pointing out all of the edible wonders in his house?

"Pita chips?! You have pita chips!"
"Cheese dip!"

At this point, I realized I was doing a "snack food roll call" and embraced it.

That doesn't make me a crack head. It might make me a glutton, but it doesn't make me a crack head. I don't think crack heads even eat. So there.

Speaking of crack heads, everyone needs to leave Britney alone. She gave a crappy performance at the VMAs, true. I was bored within minutes of watching the video, and I soldiered on so I could discuss it here. But! People shouldn't call her fat. I thought she looked just fine. Maybe she's trying to break her drug habit and in the process she's started eating like a regular person. I think that's OK. The girl's worked hard and earned a gazillion dollars and had a couple of kids. Let her have a hamburger and get off the treadmill for a minute.

It makes me feel sad to see people calling (thin) people like her fat. No wonder eating disorders are so prevalent these days.


Jim said...

I couldn't agree more...
only problem, I haven't seen her lately, don't really plan on it, but, you are exactly spot on with the assessment of "too thin"'s ridiculously sad and sadly ridiculous that very underweight people are considered ideal, but.... there's too much money too be lost by our culture admitting this "error"...oh, and a big

Lisa said...

I completely agree with you.

And I don't know the previous commenter, but I cannot let that pass without a responding WAR EAGLE, BABY!

Jim said...

I know it goes against conveniental SEC wisdom, but I pull Auburn every week also, save one...
I'll let you guess :)

Pamela said...

you are correct. she was not fat.
I didn't see the dance tho, so I can't comment on her performance.

she must not be getting advice from anyone who loves her... or if she did, NOT LISTENING.

She's on a train wreck.

elaine said...

Yesh, it is always a treat when J-Dog comes to town! Btw, my Dad told me tonight that it was really nice to see you and he said you were really pretty!