Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mary, Mother of Three

What a morning!

I rescued a beautiful puppy from getting run over by a school bus today. I scooped her up and took her home and introduced her to my dogs. They were both very interested in her, but I think she felt intimidated by all of their sniffing and licking. She bit Butter a couple of times. I couldn't blame her. Butter wouldn't get out of her face (not being mean, just sniffing and licking). I want to bite her sometimes too. Butter was totally unfazed, of course.

Anyway, she didn't have a collar or anything, so I put an ad in the paper and called the animal shelter to let them know I had found her and all that kind of stuff.

Just now I got a phone call from her owner saying she called the shelter and they gave her my number. I'm so glad. I didn't know what I was going to do if I hadn't found her owner by this weekend.

I called my mother earlier and asked if they wanted to take her in if I couldn't find the owner and she said no. I called her a dog murderer when I hung up.

Then my dad called a little bit ago (he's such a softy about animals--we're so much alike) and asked me some questions about it and said he would see if his neighbor would take it.

But...problem solved!

In other news from this morning, as I was finally leaving for work this morning (an hour late), I backed out of my driveway and my neighbor flagged me down. I stopped and she said, "Maaary. Is there a football in your back yard?"

Me: It's possible.
Crazy Neighbor (CN): We had a cookout the other day and the kids kicked it over there and they were wanting it back.
Me: OK. Can I go look when I get back?
CN: Weeeeeeeeell, the girl it belongs to really wants it back. She's been asking about it and we tried to come by yesterday evening and you weren't home. Do you work at night?
Me: No. I'm supposed to be at work right now.
CN: (Blank stare)
Me: Just hang on and I'll try to get out there and go look. (This is after I finally juggled three dogs into position this morning so I could leave. I was about to undo all of that.)

So I went out back and was pounced upon by 2/3 of the dogs in my house. I traipsed around in the too-tall grass and finally found the ball and tossed it over the fence (it was only minimally chewed) to a shout of "Thanks, Mary!"

I got back in the car and headed off to work again (after dog juggling for the umpteenth time this morning) and when my foot started hurting and I looked down at it and saw fire ants biting it, I realized that I still had on the flip flops that I had slipped on to take the mystery dog out to the bathroom. We're not supposed to wear flip flops to work, but I was not about to turn around and go back home.

And that's how my day has gone.


Lisa said...

I think you need to go home early!

I'm glad to hear about the puppy's owner finding you though.

Pamela said...

fire ants!

so how do you get them out of your yard...find them a new owner, too? giggle.

Mercy's Maid said...

Well, it's time for my quarterly bug guy visit (he's scheduled for next week), so I'm going to address the fire ant problem then.

Roz said...

Sorry you had such a bad morning on that morning, but it made for a funny story. :) How long have your neighbors been calling you Mary?

Mercy's Maid said...

She's been calling me Mary pretty much since I moved there (about 6 years). I've given up on correcting her.