Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If You Like Pina Coladas...

Know what happens when you accidentally leave a bottle of tanning lotion in your car on a hot day (or several hot days in a row)? It explodes,of course!

I had forgotten that I even tossed it in my gym bag, so imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened my gym bag in the locker room, took out a couple of articles of clothes,tossed in my keys and a book, and was assailed with the scent of coconut. It was everywhere. My running shoes were coated with stinky yellow lotion. Everything was. And did I mention I threw my keys and a BOOK in the bag? By some miracle, the book was completely unscathed (a good thing since it wasn't my book). All better now, but it was pretty messy. I'm just glad the bottle of lotion was in my bag so that it didn't explode all over the car.


Today we only had to work 1/2 day because we had a lunch and a pool party at the country club. A few people were fool enough to don bathing suits and get in the pool, but I was not one of them. I slipped out of there as quickly and stealthily as possible and took the rest of the day off.

I've been working on cleaning out my closet and my master bedroom. I haven't done much with the bedroom yet, but I think I counted 8 garbage bags of stuff (mostly clothes and shoes) that I have removed from my bedroom closet alone. It's looking much better. I could probably get rid of even more stuff, but I'll wait until after I've cleaned the bedroom and then go back and do a second sweep. Touching clothes that have been hanging around idle gives me the heebie jeebies because we all know Brown Recluse spiders lie in wait on clothing that hasn't been worn in awhile. It's true. And we all know that my cause of death will ultimately be a spider bite. I've spent my whole life trying to avoid them. The irony would just be too delicious. It'll happen. Just make sure my tombstone says, "I told you so!"

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