Monday, July 30, 2007


That's The Boy's doing--inspired by a comment on my last post.
Today's blog entry is a bit of a rant.

You know what I don't understand? I don't understand why it's so hard for some people to pick up their phones and talk instead of using speaker phone. I work in a cubicle environment. Can you imagine the chaos that would occur if EVERYONE used their speaker phone feature with wild abandon?

There's this guy that sits near me, and apparently he thinks all of his conversations are so important that everyone within a three aisle span should hear them. And I guess he's hard of hearing because he keeps the volume up pretty loud.

Now, I'll use my speaker phone every now and then, but only on special occasions like if I need to have a quick conversation between someone who is standing in my cube and another party on the phone. I think there are reasonable times to use it. But not Every Conversation.

Earlier, he had someone on speaker phone and actually got up and left his desk to go talk to someone without telling the guy on the phone to hold on or that he'd call him back or whatever. The poor guy on the phone was trying to talk to him and another guy sitting nearby had to yell that the guy wasn't sitting at his desk anymore. Who does that?

The other day, he was talking to tech support and they had reset his password. He didn't even pick up the phone when they gave him his password.

Maybe our information security team will come cart him away.


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Amen sister! What is it with these cubicle freaks?