Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Congratulations Are In Order...

Congrats to my buddy Arthur and his wife on the birth of their TWINS. Yay! I can't wait to see them!


In other rant-tastic news, I had to confront the owner of the gym last night. When I went to tan yesterday and (for the third time since I've been tanning there) had to get re-dressed and go out and find someone to TURN THE DANG TANNING BED ON (mind you, this is after they've told me which room to tan in and asked how long I want to tan), I figured it was time to say something. I mean seriously. Here is a list of the obvious duties of a front desk person at my gym:

1. Greet people as they come in.
2. Make sure people scan their membership cards.
3. Clean tanning beds.
4. Disinfect tanning goggles.
5. Push button to turn tanning beds on.
6. Fold face towels/put dirty towels in the washer.
7. Make smoothies and sell the fitness supplements at the front desk.

I'm thinking that none of those things are particularly difficult. We've established that they can't remember to do #5. I've also noticed that they don't clean the top part of the tanning bed (is it just me, or is that gross?), so I usually re-clean the bed once I get in the room. About half the time, there are no clean towels. Anytime I've ever inquired or heard someone else inquire about the price of something they're selling, the person at the front desk says, "I don't knowwwwwwww." Really? They can't provide the front desk person with a pricing chart or something?

It's no mystery why this place has to set people up on a one year contract to stay in business.


Jim said...

Simple solutions:
1) Don't put yourself in a "Human Microwave", it's not healthy and only for vanity

2) Workout at home with bodyweight exercises and sandbag training - awesome stuff

3) Send me the money you normally pay the gym for the life-changing advice I have graced you with :)

2b) don't forget to do some punching and kicking ;)

Mercy's Maid said...

I heart the human microwave. :) I'm only tanning for my beach trip. If I don't, I'll fry like a lobster on my first day there and that won't be any fun for anybody.

Jim said...

Mmm Hmmm....I hear that excuse alot, mostly from people who smell like KFC :)
just pickin' with ya' - a little bit, anyway

thought you might get a kick outta this one, too: