Friday, July 06, 2007

Rabbits are Funny

Buns and Chou Chou interview Paris Hilton

Did I ever tell you about my bunny? His name was Buster and he was a big, fat, gray, floppy eared rabbit. I saw him and another rabbit hopping around in the field beside my parents' house one day and said, "I'm going to go catch those rabbits." My dad said, "Heh! If you can catch them, you can keep them." So I caught both of them, much to his dismay. (This was when I was in high school.)

He built a little bunny run for them outside, but unfortunately, our dog got into it and ate the other bunny. I scooped Buster up (unharmed!) and brought him inside to live. Yes. Inside to live. I taught him to use a litter box, and he divided his time from running wild in the garage (we didn't park cars there, it was more of a laundry room/storage room) and living in a playpen in my bedroom. He was awesome. He came running when he was called (usually with a half-eaten sock or some similar offering in his mouth). He ate all of the cords off of the major appliances (deep freezer, washer, dryer, iron, etc.) But he was cute and soft and fun. He was in love with their cat, Tigger. He thought she was beautiful and wanted to express that to her on a regular basis. As you might imagine, she was not nearly so enthralled at being mounted by a bunny. She would do her best to get away from him. One day, she jumped up on the deep freezer to get away from him and when we walked out and looked, he was up there with her. We have no idea how he accomplished that, but he was obviously besotted with her.

Anyway, I can't watch the Buns and Chou Chou videos without thinking of Buster. If only I could have trained him to talk in a high pitched British accent...


Lisa said...

I don't know why that video is so funny, but I'm still giggling.

Toebee's Fumes said...

Growing up we had a Chow Chow for a pet. Why do I tell you this, he loved to kill bunnies. We had three instances where he got away and brought home a lop eared bunnie flopping from his jaws that he just killed.
The unfortunate part of that story is that each one of them were house pets. The owners took the bunnies and cages outdoors to be cleaned I guess and left them there. Only for our guy to find them, rip the cages open and kill said bunnies.
Sorry about the second eaten bunny that you had caught!!

Pamela said...

I thought it was hilarious, too

My SIL kept bunnies around as pets for many years. She gave them the silliest names.

your buster reminds me of that skunk (pep le peux) who was in love with a black and white cat. (:

elaine said...

hhaha! Trace watched that one with me. Too funny :D