Saturday, July 07, 2007


I'm at the boy's house. He is vacuuming and I am laying on his couch and mooching his laptop. I rather like this arrangement.

Earlier,we discovered that a Wal-Mart bag full of Cokes had exploded, or otherwise leaked under his kitchen sink. That was the part where I made myself scarce and commenced upon the mooching. The weird thing was that only one can was actually split open. But there were several other cans that were obviously not full and there were no obvious holes that the Coke could have leaked out of. I guess it's just something that happened mysteriously over time. So...I guess the moral of that story is that you shouldn't store Coke cans under your kitchen sink...especially really old ones. Who knew?

But I'm the girl who hasn't had a Coke in forever. No Coke storage woes for me. No sir. But oh how I want one. I might have to take up smoking to get over it.

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